Reflecting 2018, Beginning 2019

2019 is right around the corner. Can you believe it? Another year gone. Did you accomplish everything, or at least anything, you had planned to? I, personally, accomplished a few things I wanted to, but there are a lot of things I did not.

Instead of being bitter about this, I have decided to reflect on the things I did and did not start or complete in 2018. After reflecting on those things, I will begin planning my goals for 2019. This objective will not be a “new year, new me”, or a New Years resolution. This will be a conscious decision to look over 2018 and how to move forward in 2019.

Have you made time to reflect on the past year and set any goals? If so, please share them in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Reflecting 2018, Beginning 2019

  1. In 2018, I’ve made progress in going through my parent’s possessions, processing grief, remembering their lives and receiving more reminders to trust the timing. Thank you for following, Anything is Possible!

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